Heroworx LogoMondo_LogoEveryone, at some point in their life, has had, or will need, assistance from one of the many ‘Emergency Responder’ organisations that we take for granted when things go wrong.

At home in Australia and New Zealand, as with many other first world countries, we expect these organisations to be well managed, appropriately funded and the people on the ground to be well trained and equipped.

Sadly, this isn’t the case for many of our nearby Pacific neighbours; small island nations where local emergency responder organisations just don’t receive the vital support needed to build the infrastructure required for the provision of training and equipment, that allows the local volunteers to do their job.

To provide aid and financial support for these important volunteer organisations, Mondo Travel has created a ‘brothers in arms’ project named HEROWORX – Helping Emergency Responder Orginisations Work.

Designed specifically as a voluntourism type project HEROWORX is aimed at travellers wanting to make their overseas holiday just that little bit special by supporting a great cause.

To achieve our goals each year the Mondo Travel crew, in association with our strategic partners, like to put together exciting overseas holiday packages where anyone can become part of, and contribute to, a crucial offshore emergency responder community project.

We typically visit countries where the local volunteers don’t always get a great deal of government support. Destinations where we, and you, can make a difference. Each trip is based around a sporting event, or activity, generally involving a friendly competition, or tournament, between the locals and visitors. Everything ends with a gala dinner, prize giving and fundraising auction with the money raised going to the project of choice.